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Rede Feto Active member organisations December 2016:

  • APSC-TL - Asia Pacific Support Collective-TL
  • Alola Foundation
  • CAUCUS - Feto iha Politika
  • Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario
  • FEEO - Fundasaun Enclave Esperansa Oe-cusse
  • FHF - Feto Hadomi Familia
  • FHMF - Fundasaun Hari Moris Foun
  • FKSH Feto iha Kbiit Servisu Hamutuk
  • FMF - Fundasaun Moris Foun – Liquiça
  • Fokupers
  • GFFTL - Grupo Feto Foin Sae TL– East Timor Young Women’s Ass
  • HAFOTI - Hamahon Feto Timor-Leste
  • OPMT - Organizasaun Popular da Mulher Timor

Rede Feto Member Profile:

Asia Pacific Support Collective - Timor-Leste (APSCTL): Director - Isabel (Beba) Sequeira

APSC-TL is a women’s advocacy organisation focused on education, peace building and economic empowerment in Timor-Leste. Formed in 2000, our mission is the full participation of women in all aspects of society. Since 2000, APSC-TL has developed and implemented numerous projects assisting thousands of women and girls across the country to become active participants in the development of Timor-Leste. These projects have focused on empowering women to prevent violence, providing vulnerable women and girls with access to education, advancing equality through advocacy and promoting peace across the community. The primary beneficiaries of APSC-TL’s work are vulnerable women, female veterans, widows and girls. APSC-TL has three permanent staff.

APSC-TL Achievements include:

  • 105 women and girls continued their education at school and university, with 80 graduating and over half in fulltime employment, in partnership with Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters;
  • Assisted over 400 vulnerable women to establish 45 self-help groups in a community lead peace building initiative.
  • Over 1,000 local authorities are equipped to better respond to violence in their community and understand the rights of women.
  • Over 100 women to have shared their experience from the resistance to achieve greater recognition for the role of women.

Contact: +67077814398 | 77341086 | 77285094 | Email: | | Website (Tetun & English)

Alola Foundation: Director - Alzira dos Reis

Fundasaun Alola operates across Timor-Leste to improve the lives of women and children. Founded in 2001 by Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, the organisation seeks to nurture women’s leadership and advocate for the rights of women by addressing problems relating to education, economic development, maternal and child health and advocating women's rights. Alola Foundation has over 100 staff working across every municipality.

Alola’s Vision is that women of Timor-Leste have equal status in all aspects of life (access, participation, role in decision making, enjoyment of benefits of development) through education, economic development, health and community leadership. They operate extensive programs to improve health status of women and children, increase access & quality of education for women and children, strengthen women's small enterprise at grassroots level and to overall promote women's rights and increase women's leadership capacity.

Alola also operates ‘Alola Experansa’ – a strategy to enable women to make and sell first class traditional weaving and craft.

Contact: +670 3323 855 | Email: | Website

CAUCUS – Women in Politics: Director - Paula Corte Real de Araujo

Caucus aims to increase gender equity in politics by strengthening the involvement of women in the democratic process, empowering and motivating women in political life, promoting women’s leadership and establishing networking processes for communication, information sharing and co-operation amongst women at all levels of government. They have programs in Advocacy, Capacity Building, Media and Public relations. They have paid and voluntary staff, providing valuable work experience to many young women.

Contact: +67077823460 | +6707723766 | Email:

Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario: Director - Mariana F de Costa

Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario does capacity building with women in the Municipalities of Ermera and Manatutu. They assist orphans with schooling and visit families who need material support with education. Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario also advocate with Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) to help individuals. They have a plan to establish women’s groups to focus on economic development with Tais weavings, basket making, skin cream and soothing ointments in Dili and in an isolated village in Manatutu. Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario’s struggles to continue with no current funding to support their work. Staff are volunteers.

Contact: +67077257186 | Email:

Estrela+ Timor-Leste: Director – Ines Sarmento Lopes

Estrela + is the national network for people living with HIV in Timor-Leste. Estrela+’s objective is improving the quality of life for all people living with HIV in Timor-Leste. Estrela+ is run by positive people for positive people.

Estrela+ was established in 2009 by four positive people as an organisation to respond to, and respect, the rights of people living with HIV. Global experience has shown that inclusion of the voices of all people living with HIV at all levels to respond to HIV, in policy and strategic development, implementation of monitoring and evaluation, is a critical element to the success in stopping the HIV epidemic.

Our vision is to see a community of people living with HIV in Timor-Leste living healthy, productive lives with respect and dignity, free from stigma and discrimination. This includes access to treatment, respecting each other and responding to the rights and needs of people living with HIV when they face stigma and discrimination from family members, neighbours, the community, the workplace and especially health care professionals working in the area of HIV.

One of Estrela+’s main objectives is to advocate for women and children affected by HIV, especially parents expecting a child, through increasing understanding of HIV treatment, nutrition and prevention of HIV transmission to the child.

If you want to know more visit website:

Kontaktu: +670 7733 1330| Email:

FEEO - Fundasaun Esperansa Enclave Oe-cusse: Director - Merita de Jesus Marques

FEEO also works on violence prevention through creating linkages with government and other institutions in training of local men & women leaders. FEEO works with 16 women’s groups in Oe-cusse, focusing on economic empowerment of women & girls through training, advocacy, capacity building and networking. They also have a grant for the New Zealand Embassy to work on product development with this group. FEEO works with women’s business associations in Oe-cusse & Dili to build partnerships for specific training and support in partnership with UN Women. FEEO also works on environmental issues and climate change adaptation.

Contact: +67077246874 | +67077503007 | Email:

FHF - Feto Hadomi Familia (Women Love Family): Director - Martina de Silva

FHF - Women Love Family – advises and supports women to know and seek economic independence. They work across Dili, Aileu, Anairo, and Bobonaro and Covalima. They have programs in Horticulture, Agriculture, Micro Credit Loans scheme and well as in developing and promoting local food Products. They also work to build women’s leadership and gender equality in community most especially leadership of young women.

Contact: +67077240512 | Email:

Feto iha Kbiit Servisu Hamutuk (FKSH) (Women Working together to increase capacity and equality): Director - Gizela de Carvalho

FKSH’s vision is to increase women’s prosperity and justice, socially, culturally and economically. They work to build the capacity of women in small business, to achieve rights and dignity for women and to organise women’s activity for independence, self esteem & empowerment. FKSH has a focus on responding to needs of rural women with four facilitating programs to women and youth to their social, economic and cultural well-being. It delivers in 4 Municipalities of Timor-Leste. It works with on community socialization to end gender based violence. FKSH runs programs for women’s economic & small business development, including Leadership, Finance and Bookkeeping, Marketing, Organizational management to develop the skills & institutional capacity of small local women’s groups. FKSH facilitates training in sewing and traditional food and young women’s life skills & leadership development as well as vocational training, gender issues, forum reflection, job readiness and community organising. FKSH also researches and markets the handicrafts produced by women program participants.

Contact: +67077774442 | Email: |

FHMF - Fundasaun Hari Moris Foun ( Forming a New Life): Director - Elda da Costa Barros

Fundasaun Hari Moris Foun - Forming a New Life aims to ‘advance the welfare of women and children through improving their access to economic, education and gender equality. They have three main programs 1) Education in 'Literacy' - literacy classes and saving and credit activities; 2) women's economy empowerment through small business management training and skills, saving and credit activities, poultry activities and home gardening, (with a particular focus on growing the natural dyes for textiles) and weaving using the traditional technique/looms and use of natural dye. 3) Other programs centred on advocacy and leadership training with a focus on Women's Peace and Security (UN 1325), Gender awareness training, child rights campaign and National Plan of Action socialization.

Contact: +67078137659 | Email

FMF - Fundasaun Moris Foun (New Life Foundation) – Liquiça: Director - Graciana da Silva

FMF was established in 2013 in Lliquica municipality. It builds local leadership, in both civil society and government systems and works to strengthen the Liquiça community. It has four program areas: Education, Advocacy, Monitoring and Capacity Building. It does non-formal training in the local community. Currently it has no funds so operates on a voluntary capacity.

Contact +67077240512 | Email:

Fokupers: Director - Marilla Alves

Fokupers, founded in 1997, is the lead organisation for advocacy on gender based violence. They operate a 24 hour service provision to assist women victims of domestic violence. It has four program areas:

  • Assistance for victims of domestic violence including a shelter and transit house,
  • Public education and training on domestic violence,
  • Advocacy on justice, rights and law for women, and
  • Knua ba Labrick, a childcare centre based on promoting gender equity and non-violence.

Fokupers offers an integrated service for women in the municipalities of Dili, Covalima, Bobonaro, Liquiça, Ermera, Manatutu, Viqueque and Same. It provided assistance in gender based violence in all 13 municipalities.

Contacts: +67077273953 | Email |

Grupo Feto Foin Sae Timor Leste (East Timor Young Women’s Association) GFFTL: Director - Andre Godinho Nunes

GFFTL was founded in 1998 as a student organisation to work with young women in the rural areas. Their program cover: 1) Women’s literacy & numeracy: education for women’s involvement in democratic processes – run in 50 sucos in 10 Municipalities, 2) Social Thinking program: gender, rights, democracy & domestic violence.

 Contacts: +6707790849 | Email

 HAFOTI Hamahon Feto Timor-Leste: Director - Dorteia Kese

HAFOTI is a lead economic empowerment organisation based in Dili working with rural women from seven Municipalities around the country to improve their income generation by supporting small business development. There are three main programmes run by HAFOTI: a training programme, a revolving credit fund, and the marketing, sale and distribution of member’s products. They are about to build food processing centres across the seven Municipalities of their work.

Contact +67077240331 | Email: | Website:

OPMT - Organizasaun Popular da Mulher Timor: Sekretaria Jeral - Merita Alves

OPMT, established in 1975, is one of the longest running and most extensive women’s development structures in Timor-Leste, focused on the emancipation of women in all aspects of life, particularly through education and community organising. OMPT structures extend from national to suco & aldeia level with co-ordinating councils in sub-Municipalities. Their local activities include programs in literacy and sewing for economic development.

Contact: +67077314141 | Email: Zelia Fernandes

PRADET: Director - Manuel Dos Santos

Psychosocial Recovery and Development in East Timor (PRADET) provides psychosocial services for people who have experienced trauma, mental illness, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse abandonment, trafficking, imprisonment and torture.

PRADET’s Core Programs:

  • Fatin Hak matek (Quiet Place) provides safety, emergency accommodation, counseling, medical treatment, medical forensic examination and documentation of injuries for people experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and abandonment. We have services in Dili, Oecusse, Baucau, Maliana and Suai.
  • Programa Assistensia Moras Mental (PAMM) provides assessment, follow-up psychosocial support, information and referral and a day centre in Dili for people experiencing mental illness and trauma and their families.
  • Tau Matan supports the psychosocial, medical and emergency accommodation needs of people who have been trafficked either internally or internationally.
  • The Peace and Democracy Assistance for Juvenile Justice Programme (PDAJJ) supports young offenders aged 17-23 years, (all male) in Becora Prison, 72 hour detention and women in Gleno Prison.
  • The Alcohol and Drugs Community Education Program and the Personal Development Course (PDC) are community education programs that teach the community about the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs and how to effectively manage emotions and have good communication.

Contact: +67077240331 | Email: | Website: