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About Us

REDE FETO TIMOR LESTE is the key leader in advocacy in women’s rights in Timor-Leste. Its member organisations include the important players in the field of development of advocacy and services for women, particularly rural women.

REDE FETO TIMOR LESTE’s VISION: Women in Timor-Leste free from discrimination and effectively participating in the sustainable development of Timor Leste.

MISSION: Rede Feto is a network of women’s organisations working to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in Timor-Leste through advocacy, networking and capacity building.

Rede Feto’s work is directed by a Board of members elected every four years.

Rede Feto Board 2015 - 2018:

President: Judite Dias Ximenes - OPMT

Vice President: Alzira dos Reis – Alola Foundation

Secretary: Merita de Jesus Marques – FEEO

Treasurer: Marilla de Silva Alves – Fokupers

Board Members: Pascuela Exposta - FKSH; Martina de Silva FHF; Julieta de Silva – Caucus.

Rede Feto’s work is resourced by the Rede Feto Secretariat consisting of the Director and the Program Manager / Capacity Building and Media Officer, supported by Administrative team. Staff April 2017:

Executive Director: Dinorah Granadeiro since 2013

Project Officers: Filomena (Mena) Fuca, Benyamin Adrianus dos Santos and Nelcia Guterres Belo

Members Officer: Rozita Vital; Administration and Finance: Rosa Soares, Driver: Domingos Soares

AVI Adviser: Mary Waterford AM

Rede Feto Active member organisations March 2017:

APSC-TL - Asia Pacific Support Collective-TL

Alola Foundation

CAUCUS - Feto iha Politika

Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario

FEEO - Fundasaun Enclave Esperansa Oe-cusse

FHF - Feto Hadomi Familia

FHMF - Fundasaun Hari Moris Foun

FKFH Feto iha Kbiit Servisu Hamutuk

FMF - Fundasaun Moris Foun – Liquiça


GFFTL - Grupo Feto Foin Sae TL– East Timor Young Women’s Ass

HAFOTI - Hamahon Feto Timor-Leste

OPMT - Organizasaun Popular da Mulher Timor


At the Rede Feto Members Assembly held in May 2017, 8 new member organisations were registed:

  1. Action for Change Foundation (Timor-Leste)
  2. Ba Futuru
  3. Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosaria
  4. Estrela Plus
  5. MOFFE Timor-Leste – Movimentu Feto Foin Sae Timor-Leste
  6. Saris Haburas Foundation
  7. Working Women’s Centre TL
  8. Le Zeval

More organisation details to follow.

Rede Feto’s work scope:

Rede Feto facilitates networking, advocacy and capacity building of its members. Member organisations implement the work identified. Rede Feto has a proven track record of delivering a wide range of programs over the past 15 years including the following:

  • Leading national advocacy for women, including resourcing the CEDAW Working Party and Shadow Report 2015 and monitoring of the concluding recommendations
  • Organising the Timor-Leste National Women’s Congress every four years, including regional consultations in all 13 municipalities. Rede Feto facilitates the follow-up monitoring of government implementation of the Congress recommendations. The next National Congress is due to happen in 2017
  • Capacity building and empowerment of member organisations which operate both in the city of Dili and across the 13 Municipalities of Timor-Leste
  • Training for the Government and NGO sector on gender issues
  • Representing women’s rights and needs in many working parties and strategies.

Rede Feto members work across Timor-Leste:

Rede Feto member organisations do grass roots work in all 13 Municipalities of Timor-Leste:

APSC-TL works in Suai, Bobonaro, Baucau, Oe-cusse, Covalima, Same & Dili; Alola Foundation has staff in every municipality; Centru Nossa Senhora do Rosario works in Ermera, Dili and Manatutu; FEEO - Fundasaun Enclave Esperansa Oe-cusse works extensively in Oe-cusse Special Region; FHF - Feto Hadomi Familia works in Dili, Aileu, Anairo, Bobonaro and Covalima; FHMF - Fundasaun Hari Moris Foun I focused on Los Palos; FKFH Feto iha Kbiit Servisu Hamutuk works in Manatutu, Ermera, Liquiça and Dili; FMF - Fundasaun Moris Foun in Liquiça & Ermera; Fokupers has services in Dili, Covalima, Bobonaro, Liquiça, Ermera, Manatutu, Viqueque and Same & outreach in 13 municipalities; Grupo Feto Foin Sae Timor Leste across Timor works in Dili, Viqueque, Baucau and Liquica; HAFOTI has 200 groups in seven municipalities - Aileu, Bobinaro, Baucau, Liquica, Manufahi, Oecusse and Viqueque. Hamahon Feto Timor-Leste OPMT - Organizasaun Popular da Mulher Timor has groups in almost every suco in every municipality; PRADET has premises in Baucau, Maliana and Ainaro, as well as services in many municipalities; CAUCUS - Feto iha Politika work is based in Dili but consults with women across Timor-Leste.

Rede Feto Partners include:

FONGTiL – Forum of Orgs Non-Government

ALFeLa – Legal Aid for Women and Children

JSMP Justice Systems Monitoring Program

CNJTL Timor Leste National Youth Council

RHTO (Ra’es Hadomi Timor Oan) Disabled Person’s Organisation

MOFFE – Young Women & Leadership

PATRIA – Women in Politics

Casa Vida International (supporting women and girl survivors of sexual assault);

Working Women’s Centre TL, Women Potential TL, Estrela plus, CODIVA -Coalition for Diversity & Action

UN Women-Timor-Leste

RF history: Rede Feto was established in 2000 during the first Timor-Leste National Women Congress. It is built upon its constituency – 14 strong women’s organisations coming from across the nation to advance women’s rights and build a strong platform for women’s voice in politics, economy, community and homes.